My AP concentration consisted of pieces made utilizing pens (Microns or Faber Castell Multiliners) and watercolor (and sometimes I mixed in white gouache). The theme was liminal/manmade spaces and animals. This is the first piece I made for it, a lost looking moose in a grocery store. I am very detail-oriented in telling a story and setting up an environment. As such, a lot of my pieces involve perspective, with a focus on animals and plants left black and white, using a lot of cross-hatching to create texture and contrast to their surroundings. It all came together to be a way to bring up habitat loss, deforestation, and other things that happen to animals. You may also notice that I chose to use Japanese inspired characters that are actually quite meaningless, kind of my own commentary on how nature often feels "foreign" with the influx of urbanization and the loss of nature.
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